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Open - Cell Spirulina

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A unique cell opening technology "Open - Cell of Spirulina (patents No. WO2014027871 and No. WO2013034558)" enables to extract and use the full composition of Spirulina (Algae Platensis) cells in an active form without damaging or destroying the cell itself.

With no loss, we are able to open the Spirulina cells and maintain all active components that are present in the cell.

Misterio Verde is the only manufacturer of Spirulina based products that contain all active elements found in Spirulina cell. In comparison, other products with Spirulina contain only a few active components and with none or low absorbance rates.

Unique technology increases skin absorption of all active elements existing in Spirulina. By using the open-cell Spirulina technology - all active components are now fully accessible in Misterio Verde products.